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Gregory Peck

By Lourdes M. Font, Ph.D.

Coordinator, Masters Program in Costume Studies

New York University

As a form of cultural expression, fashion always reflects the

deepest concerns of society. But unlike literature, music or art,

fashion communicates indirectly -- employing a language and a

logic of its own. Fashion's power, to capture the present and

even to predict the future, is only revealed with the passag

3 months ago

Topshop - Women's Clothing | Women's Fashion & Trends

Topshop - Women's Clothing | Women's Fashion & Trends

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3 months ago

​The House of Dior - CBS News

France is where you'll find the House of Dior ... and we don't mean the late Christian Dior's fashion business -- we mean his actual HOUSE. Seth Doane takes us on a tour:

There was plenty to catch one's eye as a seemingly endless line of Mercedes deposited fashionistas, models, and an Oscar-winner.

But even actress Charlize Theron agreed the real star of this night was the house.


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Fashion Magazine - Beauty Tips, Fashion Trends, & Celebrity News

3 months ago

New York Fashion Week -

3 months ago

Fashion: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards are just around the corner and that means over-the-top outfits, memorable performances and more!

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Hip-Hop Flip Flop: Men Wearing Women's Clothes the Latest Trend

The latest fashion trend in hip-hop has its male stars raiding the women's clothing department for inspiration.

Lil Wayne jumped around in skinny women's pants during his performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Kanye West wore a multiprint shirt designed for women at the Coachella music festival. Kid Cudi has been seen in a plaid skirt,

2 years ago

Discover the best ways to buy neck association for your wedding celebration

It is your wedding event time as well as you are trudging throughout limitless stores on the weekends as well as not getting what you really want. You will conveniently discover the best association for your outfit if you think about some easy things.

Always think about that connection or cravats exactly what is visiting suit nonetheless ties are more affordable but cravats will look fantastic. Consider bow connections and cummerbunds, suit of the wedding event color design, buy or employ as well as just how you are going to take treatment and also clean.

1. Ties or cravats

Although cravats are much more popular for official wedding, they are a lot more expensive compared to the ties as well as are not put on in everyday program. A high quality silk neck connection will also be a nice selection if it matches with your outfit.

2. Cummerbunds or bow connection

Some of you might like bow ties rather than neck connections that also can be found in numerous colors and also designs. Bow ties could be self connected or pre tied but the wide range of pre linked ones is much more compared to the self tied. Several bow ties include matching cummerbunds as well as could be excellent suit for your bridal gown.

3. Matching color design

If your wedding event color pattern is "standard" color, you could pick a close match ties or cravats that are extensively offered.

4. To employ or buy

In formal weddings, matches and also other things could be worked with or acquired wherein if you work with the product, you can conserve a substantial amount of money particularly when it come to fits. In neck associations, it could possibly be much more hard since the store could have a restricted variety of ties or cravats. The most preferred wedding event neck ties can be found in plain polyester satin or silk fabric that you can hire at $10 -$15 for a reasonable great value.

5. Tidy and also take care of your connections

As soon as you have purchased your associations, see to it that they are not wrinkled or crumpled. For this, lay them flat or hold on a tie shelf. While you attempt them, you must completely reverse nay knots as well as hang up the tie for couple of days to ensure that the lines from the knot clear. If on the day of wedding event something spills on the connection just dab it with a completely dry towel to make sure that it takes in as long as possible. If it is something like fruit juice or gravy allowed it dry and then gently swab it with the narrow end of the connection. Silk and also polyester textile reacts in a different way so this method will certainly help a little. Do not iron the tie for any type of reason and also never ever iron it directly instead cover it with a cotton fabric and afterwards iron on an awesome setting.